What can we do for you?

Any question will do: we gladly take away your concerns on the following topics: qualified staff, policy documents, circular economy, odour problems etc. etc.

But we also guide you with tenders, from A-Z.

Are you on a crossroad, do you need a strategic re-orientation? Would you like to carve out some of the business, or enter a joint venture? We can guide and assist you perfectly!

We have accomplished projects of very different nature:

General management/interim CEO: Theo Lemmen, Henri Bos

Carve out business: Theo Lemmen, Harry van Montfort

Policy document reversed collection: Theo Lemmen

Operational management waste collection: Theo Lemmen, Henri Bos

Strategic projects: Theo Lemmen, Harry van Montfort

Implementing DIFTAR: Theo Lemmen, Henri Bos

Operational reversed collection: Henri Bos

Odour control projects: Theo Lemmen